Meet Marnie Delano - Founder

I’ve always been a seeker of natural ways on a quest for the best for health and beauty —they are basically one and the same—researching folk medicine, tried & true home remedies, cutting edge research on Earth’s natural bounty & safer, more effective alternatives to mass produced food and pharmaceuticals.  

As I hit my Thirties, I began to research more intensive skin care regimens and products, trying a vast array of preparations from drugstore to high end to insanely high end to figure out what worked best & discovered that while some worked better than others, they were all mostly  just “Dream Creams” that had little effect; they were filled with unhealthy chemicals,  unpleasant artificial fragrances and heavy poor quality oils, which clogged pores and caused breakouts—some derived from fossil fuel and radiator fluid!   

I thought, “from what I’ve learned about natural ingredients I could make my own & it’ll work a lot better” and so I did;  my formula worked far better than any of those I’d tried, regardless of price.

But it didn’t end there; everybody from friends to Estheticians to people on the street started asking me what I used on my face and when I said it was my own formula and I made it myself, they wanted to know if they could buy it, so I made more & a business of serving the Public with safe, effective health and beauty products was born. I have

  • Been committed to nourishing the body both inside out to achieve total health, wellness and beauty for fifty years.
  • After earning a B.S. in Theater Arts & Communications from SUNY New Paltz, I went on to earn a Paralegal degree at Marist College working in Manhattan in the Legal and Securities fields.
  • Had several radio shows, written blogs and have a passion for Photography, Natural Health, Golden Retrievers, & and all living things.
  • Now reside near my family’s former farm, travel, continue to research in my never ending effort to improve and perfect my products and my knowledge of all things natural. I remain passionate about protecting the Earth and its inhabitants.

I believe that we are all connected...that whatever energy we put out affects everything & everyone around us; & I believe that Nature--the Earth’s bounty--holds the best solutions for all things in life, hence my motto “HEALTH FROM THE EARTH.”

Seeking and researching natural solutions to health and beauty has always been in my blood.  I was born with an insatiable curiosity about everything—I always wanted to know How and Why—and I still do!   I grew up splitting my time between my grandparents’ farm, Manhattan and the beaches of eastern Long Island and spent a lot of time close to Nature.  My grandmother, who almost singlehandedly ran a 200 acre farm, kept it through the Depression, nursed, fed, cared for & watched over 6 kids, 2 aged parents, assorted friends, family, hired help & the occasional houseguest filled her medicine cabinet with her own remedies home made from what Nature provided from the land.  She made a concentrate from the elderberries that grew there & canned it for winter flu season; I still grow & gather plants & herbs here on what remains of that same farm. She was renowned for her vast number of friends from all walks of life, fed the hoboes who jumped from the trains to venture up the hill looking for work and food; she loved nurturing, growing, creating & making the world around her healthier & more beautiful.  I see a lot of her in myself now & I love paying it forward. 

I hope you enjoy them all--it makes me happy to see people enjoy things I’ve made!