When skin care became a regular part of your daily regime, you were probably told to follow three steps: cleanse, tone and moisturize. But these days, skin serums have become the most effective product in skin care, especially for those who want to be proactive both in effective prevention of future damage and reversing the most obvious signs of aging: fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, irritation, sensitivity, dullness, sagging and dryness.

Marni’s Naturals has developed the best truly revolutionary, effective serum on the market and, unlike most other lines, doesn’t try to sell you three, four, five and six step product lines.  We believe that our Anti Aging solutions are so good they don’t require long complicated regimens that end up simply sliding off one another and your face before they ever do any good.  Hence our motto—THE ONLY CREAM YOU’LL EVER NEED.

Lighter, more easily spread and more absorbable than other lotions, creams and plain moisturizers, serums have become the true multipurpose answer to anti-aging because of their high-performing active ingredients.  For example, every ingredient in our formulas is not only an ACTIVE INGREDIENT, but it does double and triple duty, AND interacts with the others—much like the Natural world!  For this reason, serums are the best way to maximize the effectiveness of your anti aging skin care—it’s the most effective and easiest way to halt the signs of aging, repair and prevent future damage.

Did You Know?

"skincare ingredients don't always have an easy time getting through to work their magic"


You may notice that most serums are more thin, watery and lightweight in texture. There’s a term used by cosmetic chemists called “viscosity” which, in simple terms, describes the thickness of a formula. Despite the prevalent myth that your skin “drinks up” everything you apply on it, skincare ingredients don’t always have an easy time getting through to work their magic.

In fact, when a solution is too thick, the vast majority of it can simply sit on top of skin, essentially blocking other ingredients from entering. This is why serums are lighter—the formula contains smaller molecules that can actually penetrate skin and go deeper. Marnie’s Naturals uses only NONCOMEDEGENIC, ULTRA ABSORBABLE natural oils—NO artificial chemicals, fossil fuel derivatives such as Mineral Oil or Petrolatum.