When things start to pile up to the point where I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know what to do next, start wondering how/if I can do it all, my head feels ready to explode & I’m on complete overload I have to tell myself, “JUST.STOP.NOW,” sit still and inhale on the count of 8, hold it for a count of … Read More

Hack for cleaning your rings

Did you ever notice that your rings look cleaner after you’ve been cutting up fruit or tomatoes?  Well, you weren’t imagining it.  There are a lot of quick home hacks for cleaning jewelery but the one I use most often–because I spend a lot of time cutting up fruits & vegetables–is to squeeze/drop th juice of tomatoes or fruits–especially citrus, pineapple, … Read More

How to eliminate dog smell

In Spring, Summer and early Fall, there are many healthy edible weeds growing out and about, among which include Violets, Dandelions, Purslane are my favorites.  Pick a few leaves, chop them up and put them in with your dogs’ food!  They’re healthy, full of nutrients and can act to cleanse, purify & lessen or eliminate bad breath & “doggy smell.”