Day Tripper Rose



Specially formulated for acne prone, oily problem skin, Rose Oil is guaranteed not to increase oiliness but rather tone it down while properly balancing hydration & keeping skin free of bacteria that can contribute to acne, blackheads & breakouts and prevent or reverse the qualities that create aged skin.

Believe it or not, acne-prone skin needs to be kept hydrated rather than dried out. Lack of moisture sends a signal to your skin to produce more sebum, therefore continuing the vicious breakout cycle. Rose Oil can also help soothe problem conditions like eczema and rosacea. It contains minerals, vitamins & amino acids and like all our ingredients, will not clog pores. It is classified as a “Dry” oil –one that is easily absorbed and does not cause greasy residue but instead works from the inside out, telling your sebaceous glands they can take a rest and stop cranking out all that extra oil.

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